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protecting and using your ideas

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Intellectual property is the law protecting the realisation of an idea and, in order to protect your idea, you need to understand the basics.  It is one of a technology company's most valuable assets, so it is imperative that it be secured.

Not all businesses will be based on a highly sophisticated and inventive technology demanding of patent protection, but if your business is based on any idea then protecting this idea from competitors or any other party is likely to be central to the success of your business model.

Questions you might have: 

This section of cleantech curve provides you with support on how to protect and commercialise your idea. The law relating to intellectual property in the UK is complex, but here we have provided the following materials to support you.

There are a range of tools available to help you.  Some (such as confidentiality undertakings and intellectual property assignments) are available in ContractExpress for you to take further on your own, with advice from us if you need it.

For other matters, we can provide points of assistance (such as patent agents for registering patents), help arrange other forms of protection as may be appropriate (for example discuss registering trade marks and designs for you) or arrange to undertake larger pieces of work such as drafting and negotiating patent licences and development agreements.