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understanding your finances and taxation

For a taster of how cleantech curve can assist you please click here: understanding your finances and taxation.

One of the biggest impediments to growth is lack of finance. We understand that for young companies in particular funding is a burning issue, whether it’s where to find the funds, what type of funds to raise or even the risk of losing control.

Questions you might have:

This section deals with the all-important subject of options for finance. Share capital and loan finance are explained, as well as the availability of business angels and venture capital.

We also have detailed contacts with the investor community and will regularly set up workshops and forums to provide the opportunity for you to meet potential sources of further funding.

As soon as your company is set up, you need to know about how the company will be taxed. General tax advice is therefore provided as well as those issues that affect small enterprises and what you need to think about when you are starting to trade.